To realize the stated vision and mission, the College aspires to nurture values that are vital to its mandate.  The College is thus guided by the right values derived from moral standards. The core values of the College are:

  • Freedom of expression: This institute (TOCHAS) shall promote and defend freedom of thought and expression in all academic inquiry, categories and activities.

  • Integrity: In any of the presented matters, the College shall be guided by the virtues of truth, honesty, tolerance and accountability in all of its operations.

  • Ethics and Professionalism: The College shall promote responsible professionalism, maintain ethical behavior and insisting devotion to ethics.

  • Reverence and compassion: to treat each person with respect and dignity and value his or her being,  to treat others with kindness and empathy

  • Meritocracy and team-work: The College shall promote meritocracy and foster a work environment characterized by team spirit and teamwork.

  • Excellence: to achieve the highest standards in everything we do

  • Knowledge-centricity:  to discover, create, value, evaluate and share knowledge

  • Communication: to listen and be open and transparent with students, patients and colleagues